Water, Water Everywhere… Again


This is Arroyo Burro beach. I was there on Sunday with Linda, my mother-in-law, looking for some interesting tidepools at low tide. It was pretty windy, and the tidepools were a bit of a bust, but hey – you won’t catch me complaining about being able to take a 5 minute drive to the beach and go for a walk in December. And if the tidepools were a little disappointing, all the interesting textures I came across on the beach more than made up for it.


This is a sheet of seaweed, about 5 inches wide, washed out flat on the beach.

Anyhow, the beach is a place for nice, well-behaved water. Water that does what you expect it to do, unlike the water in our (old) water heater, which sprang a leak this morning. We spent today moving everything out of the garage and… moving it back in.

At least this was *much* less water than the flood in our storage unit in Oakland. And we go to this leak before everything had a chance to turn musty and rank. Almost nothing got damaged, and now the garage is a *lot* more organized. Still full of a lot of stuff that needs sorting, but much less daunting now.


  1. Wow, that seaweed is really neat! That would be really cool as a quilting pattern. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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