I offer business process analysis and application design services on a contract basis. My expertise in striking a balance between business requirements, technical considerations, and usability concerns enables me to build consensus across all segments of an organization and makes me an asset throughout the life of a project. With 20 years of experience building web applications for a broad range of industries, my specialties include:

  • Leading application design processes
  • Facilitating communication between technical and non-technical team members
  • Analyzing real-world workflows and recommending optimizations
  • Translating operational processes into software implementations, including both custom software and third-party software platforms 
  • Designing clear and efficient user interfaces for both internal and customer-facing applications
  • Creating data integration flows, mappings, and interfaces
  • Technical writing including functional requirements and specifications, test plans, user manuals, and training materials 
  • Managing the relationship between client and development teams through design, implementation, and rollout

I frequently collaborate with the software development team at Leafnode to provide a full range of software design and development services.

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