About the Artist

Jean’s photographic journey began with an  Instamatic camera borrowed from her parents at the tender age of eight. Soon after, she learned how to develop and print black-and-white film and has never looked back. In her years at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where she pursued her BFA, she expanded beyond black-and-white photography to the vivid realm of color. This shift in perspective ignited a profound new way of seeing, and her photos invite viewers into a vibrant world. 

While Jean initially honed her skills in the traditional darkroom, she has fully embraced the digital realm and the endless possibilities it offers. However, her passion for hands-on work with paper and textiles, nurtured since childhood, remain an integral part of her artistic process. The tactile connection with these materials stokes her creative fires and creates a deep and personal connection to her work.  She is always seeking the perfect marriage of image and surface; her recent explorations unite her appreciation for the traditions of photography with the expressive potential of alternative techniques and materials.

Jean’s lifelong fascination with the interplay of color, pattern, and texture has always been her guiding star, as evident from her earliest snapshots. These passions remain the driving force behind her innovative artistic pursuits, whether at home in Santa Barbara haven or in her travels far and near.

Solo Exhibitions

November 2023
Subtleties of Place: Solo show of work from the Silver Linings and Traces of Splendor, Traces of Serenity series at the Faulkner West Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

May 2019
Solace in the Details: Solo show of work from three recent series, Mughal Stonework, I’m Sorry You Couldn’t Stay, and Tidal Landscapes, exhibited at the Faulkner East Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

Work from Japan series exhibited at SpaCia, Santa Barbara, CA

June-October 2009
Work from Flowers portfolio exhibited at Axis Skin & Body Studio, Santa Barbara, CA

October-November 2003
Work from Italy exhibited at Zocalo Coffee House, San Leandro, CA

Group Exhibitions

December 2023
The In-Between, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, Scotland.

October 2023
Themeless, The Chateau Gallery, Louisville, KY.

October 2023
AIMPE ’23 Exhibition, Awagami Factory, Tokushima, Japan.

July 2023
Camera Work: Landscape and Architecture Group Exhibition, Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

March 2023
Spring 2023, The Chateau Gallery, Louisville, KY.

March 2023
5th Color International Juried Art Competition (Finalist Award),  Teravarna.

June 2022
4th Flower Art  Group Exhibition (Talent Prize Award) Teravarna.

March 2022
2021 International Photography Competition,  ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada .

Fall 2021
AIMPE ’21 Exhibition Awagami Factory, Tokushima, Japan

April 2021
Flower Power 2021 Group Exhibition (Bronze Award) Camelback Gallery.

March 2020
Joint show of work from Solace in the Details and photographs by Christopher Broughton, exhibited at the State Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA


Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

Worcester Center for Crafts
Worcester, MA
Various photography classes


July 2023
Exhibition Catalog for Camera Work: Landscape and Architecture Group Exhibition at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Autumn 2011
Cover photo, A Hole Without Sides by Murdo Morrison.

Spring 2004
Cover photo, The Lily Book by Valerie Coulton.

Autumn 2002-Spring 2003
Portraits of bass player Benny Rietveld published in Jazziz, Musica Pro and Bass Inside magazines.

Cover and liner photos for the album Beauville, released in 2002 by San Francisco band August.