Ages ago, Susannah tagged me for the 8 random facts meme. I’m very late to this party, and I’m sure by now she’s hardly expecting a response from me. But, I’m finally getting my head above water after a really busy summer… so here it is:

1. I can’t bear to write with a dull pencil. As a result, I have mechanical pencils and extra lead stashed all about my house and in my various computer and handbags.

2. Never in a million years did I think that I would live in Southern California (arguably Central), but here I am. And I love it here – I would have a hard time going back to the Northeast and enduring cold winters or humid summers.

3. I find it fairly easy to meet new people, but quite hard to make friends. That’s been the hardest part about relocating here after eight years in the Bay Area. I left behind a number of good friends (again) and have had to start the process all over again.

4. The second toe on my right foot has a little claw instead of a proper toenail. It’s been that way since birth. People are either fascinated or horrified by it.

5. When we travel to a country where we can’t speak the language, my husband and I divide and conquer. I can usually make out at least the gist of what’s being said (for Romance languages, anyway) and he has little fear about trying to generate meaningful sentences. Together we muddle through booking hotel rooms and ordering at restaurants, and have a marvelous time.

6. I am constantly attracted to new hobbies and crafts, but as I get older I can see that my interests follow a few main themes: fiber, jewelry, books & paper. Photography seems to remain pretty much a constant as well.

7. When I chose to major in Photography in college, my main conscious motivation was to be a little bit rebellious against the pressures I felt to follow a more academic path. Now, I can see that photography, like most things that intrigue me for more than a short while, requires both a technical and aesthetic perspective. I need to have both sides of my brain engaged in order to feel really satisfied and content when working.

8. I am finally realizing my long-term dream of learning to bake really good bread. I still have loads to learn, but I can now reliably turn out a good loaf of bread even when trying a new recipe.

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  1. I enjoyed this post. So much I can relate too. #7 had me nodding – tho I am not a photographer but the blog has taught me how to see and focus.

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