Equitable Gas


I spent Labor Day weekend in Pittsburgh, with my two best pals, Jen and Donna, their husbands (both Scott), and Jen’s kids Logan and Brenna. After a fabulous birthday brunch for Jen on Sunday, we took a stroll through the hip neighborhood. A lot of the stores were closed, but it was still fun to window shop.

So far, everything I’ve posted here has been older work, that has been scanned from slides or negatives that span the last twenty years. I’m going to mix it up a bit for the next couple of weeks while we are on vacation. Starting with this image, I’m going to post some of my newer images that were taken with my digital SLR. I’ll get back to the archival stuff in the New Year; I have lots of it to get through, and that was part of my goal in starting the blog.

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  1. Jean, thanks so much for this! Reading your caption really lifted me out of a foul mood I’ve been stuck in. Thanks for reminding me of all the little things, that actually aren’t so little.

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