Butterfly Garden, Victoria, BC, Canada

We have a kitchen cricket (this is not at all related to the photo, I’m just amused by it). This would not be so unusual, except that we live on the second floor of a large apartment building, which does not have any trees or anything near it.

For the last two days, we’ve been hearing an unusually loud cricket sound in the evenings. Last night, I tracked him down to the kitchen, and tonight to one of the cabinets. Dan poked around to investigate and something flew out and hit his chest. We didn’t see where he went, but I hope he can find his way out the open window. I just wish there was a way to let him know that we mean him no harm, that we just want to help him get back outside.

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  1. I set one of your butterfly photos as my background at work. It’s the one with the butterfly looking out the window on the door. One of the other interns mentioned that she liked it. =)
    This one is really pretty. The colors are very vibrant.

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