Artist’s Statement

My interest in photography began when I was about eight, when I took my first pictures with my parents’ Instamatic camera. A year or two later, I learned how to develop and print black and white film, and I’ve called myself a photographer ever since.

Those seeds planted in my childhood led me to study black and white photography seriously while I was in high school, and then to major in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. While at RIT, I got a solid grounding in studio and location lighting techniques, and in the technical aspects of working with film as well as digital media. Most importantly, I learned how to work in color, including printing my own images. After many years of working exclusively in black and white, discovering color was a revelation to me. I finally felt I could create images to show the world as I see it.

Since then, I have worked primarily in color, and have further developed my approach to the subjects that I find personally appealing: textures and details, both natural and manmade.

Much of my work is made when I am traveling or away from home. Taking myself out of my comfortable and familiar surroundings, and out of my element, heightens my awareness of the things around me.


June-October 2009

Work from my Flowers portfolio exhibited at Axis Skin & Body Studio, Santa Barbara, CA

October-November 2003

Work from Italy exhibited at Zocalo Coffee House, San Leandro, CA


Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

Worcester Center for Crafts

Worcester, MA

Various photography classes


Cover photo, A Hole Without Sides by Murdo Morrison, published autumn 2011.

Cover photo, The Lily Book by Valerie Coulton, published spring 2004.

Portraits of bass player Benny Rietveld published in Jazziz, Musica Pro and Bass Inside magazines, Autumn 2002-Spring 2003.

Cover and liner photos for the album Beauville, released in 2002 by San Francisco band August.