Temperance House

Things are mostly back to normal here. The fire is still burning, but is pretty much contained on the south side, which is closest to us. At one point, there were houses about five blocks from us that were evacuated, and that was quite unsettling. That was lifted on Saturday night, and the air quality has been getting steadily better for the last few days. We’re still having power outages most evenings; we were out for over an hour tonight. All in all, much improved from the end of last week.

Stone Angel

An old favorite. Sorry for the spotty posting this week. We’ve been a bit discombobulated due to the Gap Fire. Thank goodness, we are not in the area with evacuation warnings and orders, but it’s close enough that we’ve been keeping our valuables (including hard drives) packed to go on short notice.

Mackintosh Ornament

This is another shot of the facade of the boy’s school in Glasgow that was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I missed posting last night because we had a five hour blackout due to the <a href=”http://www.independent.com/news/fires2008/”>fire</a> in the hills. The power has been up and down this evening, and was out for a couple hours earlier. We are safe here at our house, and it’s pretty unlikely that the fire would make it this far down into town. But, I am still unnerved, and have gathered my emergency supplies and valuables into a pile in case we need to…